Villa & House For Rent In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)


Choosing a city to live somewhat have an influence on the work, the life of your family. Here are 5 reasons people need to remind when choosing to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City. And this is also the reason why the population of Ho Chi Minh City is increasing.


Living in the most developed city in Vietnam is a desire of many people


Job opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City are the best in the country


With a total of 366,232 enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, the job opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City are the highest in the country. Saigon people live simply and finding a job from simple to managerial jobs is not hard if you really have the capability.



Ho Chi Minh City is the business center of the country


Security in Ho Chi Minh City is also the reason why many people choose to settle here


Since it is the largest city in the country, the government is promoting security in Ho Chi Minh City. Like other cities in the world, HCMC now has many public cameras everywhere in buildings, intersection, public entertainment areas, restaurants, parks, etc. Hotline for security issues are always available and react very quickly in the event of an incident.


Especially in Ho Chi Minh City is the center of high-class apartment projects such as Novaland, CapitaLand, Vinhomes, Hung Thinh, Phu My Hung. The residents here are protected absolutely safe 24h and completely more security in mind, not like other provinces.


Ho Chi Minh City has many educational and training options


Living in Ho Chi Minh City, you have many choices to send your children to school and you can also choose short courses to improve your knowledge. In the big city, there are many schools from public, private schools to regular education centers that you can choose from. And sometimes you have the opportunity to take free courses to develop yourself in the weekends. Ho Chi Minh City also has institutions, international universities, colleges for you to choose.



Ho Chi Minh City offers many options for education, both children and adult

Ho Chi Minh City owns the richest resource of culture, cuisine, entertainment, shopping in the country


Entertainment venues in Ho Chi Minh City often open until late, offering more choices from local and foreign cuisines, and gathering all of the city's crowded residential areas. Top luxury products imported to Vietnam often choose Ho Chi Minh as their first destination.


This is the city of active lifetyle with many public entertainment places


Culture of Saigon people is easy to live, easy to work and easy to integrate


Being a big city, a favorite destination for many tourists from different countries, Ho Chi Minh City is always the choice for many people inside and outside of the country to live and work because of the relaxed cultural attitude, friendly and hospitable.

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